Our mission is to build the fully automated, AI-enabled e-commerce solution for seamless interaction with customers. We aim to cover every aspect of the process, from initiation all the way to shipping and payment.

  • Use natural language
  • Our AI chatbot can understand your requests and questions and drives human-level conversation towards the sale

  • Refined results instantly
  • Answer a few questions and we'll show you the best fitting products

  • Zero costs on support personnel
  • Fully automated service running in our secure cloud

  • Self-improving algorithms progress over time
  • Advanced machine learning and natural language processing means we're improving with every new conversation

  • Upselling made easier
  • Offer additional accessories or related products

  • Multi-channel engagement
  • Use Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, SMS or standalone app for customer acquisition

    Discover the future of e-commerce and leverage natural communications to achieve great results.

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